Wow New Windows 10’s Anniversary Update in This Summer

In this summer, the big thing is Windows 10’s Anniversary Update. Today we will see the insider builds a preview of the windows 10’s anniversary update new features and options. Here are some cool and interesting things which we will describe today about new windows 10.

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New Features in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Cortana Becomes a whole lot smarter

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Possibly the leading update of windows 10” anniversary update is Cortana. Microsoft is trying to make Cortana more powerful and continues to increase that what Cortana can do. This is very clear that Microsoft is trying to make it more powerful assistant in a progressively rising pool of competition like Siri, Alexa, Google now and many others. With the new update now Cortana comes on the lock screen of the windows 10. So, you can invoke up on it anytime.

Now Cortana can drive stuff to and from your smartphone, as well as text messages and notifications. Keep in mind that Cortana is available on android too, and this does not mean that you need a windows smartphone to run Cortana.

Windows 10 interacts with your Android Phone or Windows phone

Windows 10’s Anniversary UpdateIn the insider overview this feature is not present yet, but after the build keynote, Microsoft has announced that Cortana will integrate with your Cortana smartphone application. What do you want to do for that is only you need to install the Cortana android app in your smartphone and signing with the same account that you have used for in windows 10 to log in. Bad luck for iPhone users because iOS is too locked down for this deep integration.

Cortana is able to show all your notifications in your windows 10 action center. You will also see the notification about smartphone battery low power. A very cool feature, Cortana will offer the find my phone option which can remotely geolocate the location of your phone on the map or ring it if you forget your smartphone nearby.

More Desktop Apps and Games come to the Windows Store

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

As we know that windows store has fewer apps as compared to the Android and iOS apps store. Windows 10 is also for smartphones and tablets so there is a need for more apps in the windows Store. Microsoft added more desktop apps and games in the windows store. Because no one wants a limited Universal Windows Platform. With the windows 10’s anniversary update regular desktop apps are coming in the windows app store to fulfill the needs of the users.

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Microsoft will quickly release a tool which will allow you to convert any desktop application into a sandbox application on your computer. This will be very useful for developers because they will be able to convert their application and to be uploaded to the windows store.

Microsoft Edge Supports Browser Extensions

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Finally, now the edge supports the browser extensions with the windows 10’s anniversary update, because edge losses many of their users because of this limitation. But now Edge supports the chrome style extensions. Currently, the available extensions are for Reddit, Pinterest, OneNote and Microsoft Translator. The other popular extensions like Adblock Plus and LastPass are coming soon.

Microsoft Edge Ads Click-to-Play for Flash

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

With the windows 10’s anniversary update Microsoft has announced that now edge will automatically stop the flash content to be played and you have to click on it if you want to play it. Video and games will work fine, but the flash ads will automatically pause. This is not yet in the insider preview, but we hope that it will be soon.

Windows hello brings fingerprint authentication for apps and website

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

In a smartphone, the fingerprint sensors have been a huge need for the security to log into your smartphone. Now Microsoft make the windows to support with the fingerprint to log in to your PC. Currently, this feature is for windows apps and Edge so you can securely log into your apps and websites. This thing actually uses the Fido U2F standard, that many other sites and browsers are implementing in various ways.

The Combined Skype Universal App is Back

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

In Windows 8 and 8.1 the combined skype app was loaded but with release of windows 10 it launched a get skype app option which encourages you to download and install the desktop skype application, but with the windows 10’s anniversary update now Microsoft changed its mind, and now Microsoft will develop a new universal windows app of skype which will replace the old-style desktop application.

Windows Gets Its Own Linux Command Line

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

With windows 10’s anniversary update Microsoft announced something very big. This is a full Ubuntu Command-line running natively right on windows 10. This is basically for developers, but the cross-platform which will be useful.

This is actually a full Ubuntu user space which is running on windows. This is really very big news for developers, but it does not support the graphical application and server software. This is just a base shell, with comprehensive support for the exact similar binaries that you had run in a base shell in Ubuntu Linux but now on windows.

Task view gets More Improvements

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

There are some improvements with the windows 10’s anniversary update in the task view. Now you can pin windows in the task view. You can make these pins always appear on every virtual desktop instead of just a single virtual desktop. For this, right click on the window in the task view and select the “show this window on all desktops.”

Battery Options Become More Powerful

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Now with the new windows 10’s anniversary update there is a detailed option for every application settings to control that it should run at the back end every time or not. You can allow, disallow and choose managed by the windows for every application.

Windows Update is more Respectful of your time

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Under settings > Update & security > Window Update, now you can set your active working hours which are the time of your work and you don’t want to restart your computer. With the windows 10’s anniversary update now windows will avoid being restarting your computer due to updates in your working hours.

You can set notification priorities and limitations

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Now the action center is more customizable under Settings > System > Notifications & Actions. Now you can choose that whether an application’s notification to be considered Priority, High, and Low in the action center.

Emojis Get an Overhaul

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Now Microsoft is updating the whole set of emojis built-in in windows 10. As the Microsoft places it: “We are updating the entire set of font-based emojis in Windows 10 that aligns with the Microsoft Design Language with a distinct visual style as well as the Unicode standard. These new emoji are designed to be detailed, expressive, and playful. Their larger size takes full advantage of every pixel and the two-pixel outline allows for emoji to appear on any color background without loss of fidelity.”

Now with the windows 10’s anniversary update you can choose the various skin tons across the emojis that show the people

Connect Improves on Windows  Phones with Continuum

Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

A new “Connect” application which designed for use with the windows 10 smartphones which support the Continuum. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the computer without any cable, dock, and miracast adapter.

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Continuum, that allows you to power a window desktop familiarity from a windows smartphone. This is a unique and big feature that windows smartphones offers. With the windows 10’s anniversary update there is nothing to surprise to know that Microsoft is focusing on it.

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