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The simplest and easiest way to define the affiliate marketing is that it is a way of online making money where your role is as publisher and rewarded for helping the other business owners by promoting their services, products and websites. This a way of monetization of your blog or website by which you get money. In other words, you can say that affiliate marketing is the commission by promoting others business, services, products and websites.

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There are many ways to do these things, but mostly they make you a publisher who promote their products or services on your blog and make a commission if someone follow your reference to their product or service and make a deal with them, then you will earn a piece of money. You are happy because you got the money by promoting any products or services and the business owners happy because they got a new sale from your reference which perhaps they cannot reach.

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The cool thing about the affiliate marketing is that you personally don’t have to invest your money, time and efforts in creating a product to sell. You can just start selling products by promoting other products with your reference and make money. The only main thing that you need is the plate form from where you can refer someone for your affiliate marketing business.

The conversion has always been tracked that from where the sale has happened. The owners do this thing by providing the reference code which a publisher put on his blog and they track the conversion. Sometimes business owners offer a coupon code to the publishers for promotion and if someone did the deal with that code, they can track the conversion and pay their publishers.

Why affiliate marketing can work well on blogs

Affiliate marketing is not the only way to earn money there are many other ways and it does not suit every blogger. But there are some reasons why affiliate marketing can be profitable on blogs. I have found that when a blogger recommends someone product which is wrong, then the trust between reader and publisher can be broken. This can be negative for your blog trust and readers can leave your blog. So, keep in mind while promoting other’s products.

Affiliate marketing – Easy Money

This is very important for everyone to know that affiliate marketing is not an easy money. Most people who try this can not earn very well because it depends on several things:

  • Traffic to your blog
  • Trust of visitors so that they visit your recommendation
  • Finding your blog relevant products to promote
  • To find a quality product
  • Having readers who have buying mood

As I said earlier that affiliate marketing does not belong to every blog. Anyone can not afford this thing.

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