VLC Player Free Download for Windows 10

VLC player for video and audio files to play on your computer. VLC media player is one of the most popular software which can play multiple format videos very quickly. VLC is open source software and developed by VideoLan in 2001. VLC player becomes very popular in a very short period of time because of its versatility and multiple format playback abilities. Real media player and windows media player are useless for many popular video formats to play them. That’s why vlc make its name very fast in users. The UI of the software is very simple to use for users, and there is a huge range of functions and modification option in the application.

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Features Of VLC Player

Flexibility of the VLC Player

VLC is a great open source software. It almost can play any video format with no hurdles. When this player was launched in the market, this was the revolution compared to the all existing default media players, and one of the most important things that it was free to use and till now it is open for everyone to use. The existing media players were not so good because when users try to play media files, then they crash, fail to play, code errors and many other problems. But VLC media player solved it at all. VLC can easily play AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, RMBV, WMV, QUICK Time and many other media files. It can also play the incomplete or partial media file which can help you to preview files before the download completes.

VLC Player is Easy to Use

VLC media player

VLC is very easy to use for everyone with lots of functions and options at the top menu bar. The basic look of the application is extremely easy to use for users. You can just drag and drop the files into the player and play them very easily. There is an option to choose the folders and files to play from file tab. You can play the files in various ways like pause, fast play, slow speed play, brightness, change the volume, stop and play and many other things. There are options for recording the video, audio, and capture from the video. By default, these options are hidden, but you can show by going view tab and click on the Advanced option, then you will see some more features with play, pause buttons. Huge variety of customization and skins available for you to customize the appearance that you like.

Advanced Options

Don’t just think that VLC is just a basic media player. There are many advanced features in it which you can use to play your videos in a different way. Within the Audio, Playback, tools, view, and video tabs there are many player options to use. Videos can be played in synchronization settings including, audio equalizer, AtmoLight video effects, special effects, overlays, graphical equalizer with multiple presets and customizable range compression settings. There is also the option to add subtitles by adding SRT file in the video’s folder.

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VLC player is a complete and the most stable, versatile and high-quality open source free player available in the market. Due to the constant development of the application by the VideoLan nonprofit organization makes it a great free media player.

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