LED Smart TV Samsung UN60H6350- Unparallel in its functionalities

Samsung UN60H6350 comes with the offer of the longest durability and the smartest of the functionalities. This device carries the potential to offer you exceptional session of home entertainment. If your yardstick on the judgment of a television set is the clarity in its picture propagation, Samsung UN60H6350 stands unparallel. Manufactured with attention paid to the minute details and having the expertise of Samsung behind it, this smart television is a must-have device if you desire to give your family members the maximum of home entertainment session.

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The Samsung brand itself stands as a guarantee of superlative quality standing. Installing the device at your drawing room, you can be assured that the ambiance of the room would get changed drastically and it would be the tool that would make your family unite over a superlative session of entertainment.

Features Of Samsung UN60H6350

The impressive features of Samsung UN60H6350 can be put as follows:

  • Dimensions of 53.7 x 12.1 x 34.4 inches
  • Features a classic black shade
  • It is an HD television with resolution capacity of 1080 pixels that guarantees that the pictures would come perfectly realistic
  • Effective clear motion rate of 240
  • Native refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • The backlighting uses Led technology
  • Carries four ports for HDMI connectivity
  • 3 USB ports
  • Dually capacitated for wall mounting and table top placements
  • Highly energy efficient


  • Samsung UN60H6350 displays the highest degree of portability for which you can accommodate the device within the least of the spaces. This is a significant advantage of the device for usage in the urban areas where space crunch is a major concern
  • Being energy efficient, the expenses on electricity bills would be always within reasonable ranges.
  • Coming with warranty coverage stretching for the standard span, you would not require spending any significant amount on its repairs till it stays covered within the warranty period.
  • Usage of Led technology for the display ensures that you would get the best of the picture quality.
  • Smart Functionalities ensures that the entertainment session would be of exceptional grades.
  • You would get an additional scheme of free technical support of 30 days from the date of purchase.


  • Weight of 56.2 pounds is definitely overweight
  • There is a limitation upon the choices of color shades


The Samsung UN60H6350 is one such television that had been able to impress the general audience ad the technical experts alike. It justifies the goodwill land the hallmarks that the makers had consolidated upon its name.

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The manufacturer not supplies you the best grades of functionalities and features but backs this product with superlative customer services and support. When you invest your money on the purchase of consumer durables, you expect that the product would serve you for the longer stretch time. This smart television assures you of the longest longevity.

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