Important tips for selecting best domain name for your blog

When anyone wants to start his first blog, the first thing comes in mind that the best domain name for your blog. So, in this article you will learn how to select a best domain name for your blog. I the most important thing is to choose a good domain name for your blog. In this article, I will also explain you how to pick the best domain name for your blog or website with some great tips and tricks which will help you a lot.

Why to pick a best domain name for your blog

Apart from some other reasons, the main reason is to choose a good domain name for your website or blog, you will be stuck with it for the rest the life of your blog. You can change the domain hosting providing companies time to time, which depends on your requirements, but your domain name will be same. The other main reason is if you change your domain name, it is as equal as you start your blog from ground level again. And I think you will not like to do this when your blog is established and getting regular traffic. Your brand is set and you are getting revenue from your blog.

If you change your blog domain name, then you will have to start from “0” Google page rank and will have started work from the ground again. The Alexa and the other ranking factors will also go to zero level because the previous ranking is associated with the last domain name. You will lose all your work.

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How to pick a best domain name for your blog

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There is nothing impossible in the world. I don’t think there is very hard process to find a good domain name for website or blog. So, just follow these things to select a best domain name.

Use keywords

Always try to use the keyword in your domain which defines your website or blog nature properly. Try to find the domain name with your targeting keyword. Having the target keyword in the domain name is a good thing. A good domain name defines exactly the nature of the website. It’s good for the visitor that he get’s the idea about the website by just looking at the domain name of the blog. For example, if your site is about health, then your domain name should be like, etc.

Easy to remember

It is proved from research and according to many SEO gurus that the domain name which is easy to remember has more traffic and visitors’ attention. A domain name should be easy to remember for visitors because the people who like the blog will try to find the domain name in the browser. So, if your domain name will not short and simple then they will not get you.

Use hyphens if needed

Use hyphens in your domain name if needed to make your perfect domain name. It can be useful if your desired domain name is already taken and not available then you can use hyphens for example, if your domain name is which is taken then, you can try

Make it easy to type

Always try to find the domain name which is easy not so complicated and easy to type for the user. For branding easy to type domain names are always best.

Think local

If your business or blog about the local area or product then try to add some related words like area, city and country. It will make your domain name easier to remember.

Domain name extensions

This is good to having .com domain name because this is a top level domain name and  the most popular one. When people think about a website then they always think about a .com extension. So, having a .com extension is good for your blog or website.

Should you use or your

If the main service of your business the is you then you should use your own name as your domain name. It will prove good for you if you are a teacher, guide, author or speaker.

Otherwise, use your business name for your domain name.

Some general things to be aware of which selecting best domain name

Legal conflicts

While you are trying to find a domain name, then do some research that you are not selecting the name which is already established somewhere. Because that will cause you an act of law.

Avoid copyright issues

Do not use the words in your domain name which are copyrighted from other people.

Be aware of scammers.

When you will try to buy the domain name for your blog, then you will see here are lots of scammers out there in the market so, always try to buy your domain name from those domain name registrar companies which are ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Like Godaddy, namecheaps and 1and1 dollar.

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