How to write a blog post: A perfect way to start blogging

This is following post of what is blogging and how to make money online. If you want to earn money online, then blogging is one of the best ways to start with. You can start with any of your interested topics. Write out your mind and make money online. In this post, you will learn about how to write a blog post for your blog. So, if you want to write a proper blog post for your blog which is SEO-friendly and user-friendly also because our main concentration should be our readers. Then today I will show a perfect 5 step formula to write a proper blog post for your blogging site which will get massive traffic to your blog.

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How to Write a Blog Post : 5 Steps Formula to Follow

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

Before writing any post on your blog first thing is to understand your users. Your readers are the source of the success of your blog. So, your main focus should on your readers. Understand the behavior of your readers. First, identify that for whom you’re writing. Who will read your post? Understand the nature of your readers. Always try to write an interesting and catchy post for your readers. Content rich and informative post engages your reader. If your content is worthy, then your readers will come back to your website. Always try to write the content which they need. For example, if your reader is going to start his own business, then do not tell him about the importance of social media etc. Because he already knows about this. You should tell him about the right strategies to follow on social media which will help him to increase his business.


Step 2: Start with a Topic and Catchy Title

Before writing the article pic a new topic for your post for your post. Your topic can be generally but informative. For example, if your blog is about vehicles, then you should write about the new technologies in the automobile industry. Your topics can be about the maintenance and troubleshooting of the vehicles. Write about what is need of your readers. What they want to know about. When you have selected your topic for your blog post, now it’s time to create or select a catchy and perfect title for your post which will attract your readers towards your post. Selecting a perfect title is the success of your blogging website. If you know how to attract your readers, then you can do anything in the field of blogging. This the key thing for how to write a blog post.

Step 3: Write an Attractive Intro

Now it’s time to write your post. First of all write and interesting intro about your topic. Your main focus should be to grab the readers. If you will lose your readers, then there are zero chances of your success.Here your content should be attractive and appealing. More the content will be attracting more your readers will engage with your post. If your post’s intro will boring, then your readers will bounce from your post before anything you tell them. So always try to write the interesting headlines in your blog post intro. Tell them what you are going to tell them in your post. You can do this thing in various ways like, tell them a story, share a case study with them, grip your readers with interesting information and be empathetic.

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Step 4: Organize Your Content

If you want to learn properly that how to write a blog post for a blogging site, then keep in mind that the management of content in the post is a most important element. You have seen that there are many blogs which have the content  but not in an organized way. The big G Google also prefers the well structured and organized websites to rank in the search engine. Because if your content is organized, then it is easy to read for users and perfect for search engines to rank, because every blogger wants the ranking. Only you can get the ranking if your content is user-friendly and properly structured. The organization of the content can be performed in a number ways like, form sections, tips, lists and whatever most appropriate.

Step 5: Edit/ Proofreading and Finalizing

When you have done with your writing now it’s time to edit your post. Because we are humans and while writing, there are many mistakes that are left behind. So, this is most important to make sure that your post has the zero correction. Edit your post with respect to grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, missing letters or any other mistakes. Make sure there are no mistakes in the article. Proofread your article at least 3 three times. Then put the related and attractive images to the post. Check your post for plagiarism. Now post in ready for publishing on the blog.

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