How To Upgrade Your 32-bit chrome to chrome 64-bit for faster browsing

Chrome 64-bit version is more secure, faster, and stable browser than the 32-bit  version chrome. If you are using a 32-bit version of chrome on your computer, then upgrade your browser immediately. Here I will show you how you can upgrade your old 32-bit chrome to chrome 64-bit which more secure and faster.

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Chrome Download Page

Upgrade to a 64-bit version of chrome is very easy you have to visit the Chrome for Windows and download the chrome 64-bit version from the website. When you will click on the download button just make sure that you are going to download the 64-bit version of chrome. In the future whenever you want to download chrome 64-bit version always make sure that you are downloading the right version of chrome on your computer.

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While downloading your chrome if it is not saying that 64-bit here, then you are getting the 32-bit of chrome so stop that and go to right one. Select the latest version of the chrome and run the installer that you have just download from the website. This will install the chrome automatically on your computer.

What Will Happen While Upgrading to Chrome 64-bit Version

If you are wondering that what will happen to all your existing settings, plugins, and data in your previous chrome version. Then don’t worry about it because you all settings, extensions, and date will stay there. You will not lose your any little information that you have saved or set in your browser. Chrome 64-bit will only upgrade its file not the whole folder from your computer.

How to Check that You Have the Chrome 64-bit on your computer

When you have done with the installation process and now you are curious about that you have the right version on your computer now or not. To check you just have to navigate to your top right corner on your chrome browser to the small three vertical lines and click on those lines. You will see the drop down menu, then come down and point to help and then select About the Google.

Chrome help

In the new window, you will see that there is a 64-bit version of chrome is installed on your computer and your all settings are there as it is. There is no loss of anything.

Chrome Help Page


Now you are going to experience the faster performance of the chrome that you have never gotten before it. Enjoy your new, faster browsing experience.

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