How to select the best WordPress theme for your blog

Choosing best WordPress theme is really a big task. There are lots of WordPress themes, but choosing the best wordpress theme for your blog that will go best with your blog content is difficult sometimes. Sometimes it takes a few days for me to choose the best wordpress theme for my site. Because I check all the needed things in the theme for my blog. I spent more time to select an ultimate theme even a wordpress theme can be changed any time but sometimes it becomes an irritation to change the theme in the middle.

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Tips for choosing a best WordPress theme

Non-technical side

The first thing which needs attention is the appearance of the theme. The appearance of the theme is very important. We should keep in mind while choosing a best wordpress theme for our blog that it should look good. Our main concern is when a visitor come to a website, then he should feel comfortable while browsing the website. I always try to keep in mind that my theme will not hurt the eyes of the visitor at first look. The wordpress theme is the vital thing which gives an idea to a customer about your blog’s content. The best theme makes your wordpress blog perfect both for you and your visitors.

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The second thing is the layout of the theme, like how many columns a theme has and does it has a bottom area, etc. The reason behind the theme layout is that, if your plan is to earn from your blog later on by placing ads on your theme, then a theme with three columns can give more space for you then a two column theme.

Now the final thing which you need to look at your best wordpress theme is the pages of your theme. Look at the single post page, archive and categories to make sure that all the elements are perfect in your wordpress theme.

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Technical side of the theme selection

To select a best wordpress theme we should keep in mind some technical issues.

Make sure that your theme has the proper code by default. You should run your theme first through a markup validation service like WC3 to check all the standard validations of your theme. You should avoid using those wordpress themes which have the code errors.

Make sure that your selected wordpress theme supports the latest wordpress features like tags and widgets etc.

Some platforms where you can find themes

When you are searching for themes, then first you should go the wordpress official theme directory. There are thousands of themes where you can find yours. Then you can check some third party theme providers.


So, feel free for any suggestion in the comment area.

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