How to select new blog topics for your blog to earn money

In this guide, you are learning the complete blogging training. In this article, you will learn about how to select new blog topics for your blog. To find new blog topics is not easy now in these days. Google prefers fresh and new content which is a quality content. But if you are going to start a blog for all internet interest, then you need some new topics for your blog to attract the users. Many people feel motivated and start blogging or social networking service specifically like twitter, then they add content to their blogs and after some time, visitor loses interest on their blogs because of legacy blog topics and content. With no visitors, there is no chance to earn money.

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How To Select New Blog Topics

This very important for every blogger to do two things: first update the blog regularly with new and quality content. Because if the blog is not updated regularly, then it will lose the readers very fast which mean no traffic, no chance for profit. Second, try to go out of your comfort zone and try to find something interesting for your blog.

The comment section of your blog can help you to get more ideas for more content. Always try to ask the opinion of the readers at the end of every post. This will help you to find new blog topics for your blogs. Ask them to add new in the comment section and then try to write on their suggestions.

Find out comment Luv blogs related to you. Comment Luv premium blogs offer to comment the users and show the recent posts from the readers below the comments. Comment there it will also help you get more traffic, but the main focus is, look at the other commenters that what they are posting now to get the ideas for new blog topics.

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Another approach that you can use to find new blog topics for you. Especially if you are following a book deal, then many people of microblogging service like Tumblr and other network have made money with only one note “jokes turned into coffee books”. There also many others like Hipster Puppies, Stiff Hipsters Hate and This is why you are fat, these blogs basically post the same content on a semi-consistently by just adding the on joke in the title and URL. So for this, you just have to add some jokey elements to attract more visitors to your blog to get more traffic which means more profit.

Both types of blogs do the same thing in a different way and make more money by getting the audience to their blogs. Regularly updating the content and more appealing content can make more money for you.

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