How to create a bootable USB in windows 10 without any tool using command prompt

In this page, you will learn about he to create a bootable usb without any tool or software. Creating a bootable usb in windows 10 is very simple and easy using the command prompt. Now you will make your usb bootable in very easy steps which you can use to install any windows OS on your machine. So, just follow these simple steps to create your usb bootable.

As we know that world is very fast and technology has made a great progress. Now just a few people burn ISO image and use it to boot. Now, the flash drives have replaced them because USB drives are much faster and easy to use for installing an operating system on the machines. There are many tools out there to do this job. Some are paid and some are free even Microsoft provides one for this job. But today we will create a bootable usb by using cmd (command prompt). There are some few simple steps which you have to follow to make your usb drive bootable. Let’s do that:

Create a bootable USB in windows 10 without any software tool

bootable usb

  • First, just insert your usb drive to your computer machine.
  • From the taskbar in windows 10 search for cmd, the command prompt will appear when you will search for cmd.
  • If there is any trouble that you face for finding cmd, then you can use an alternative method which is press windows+R and then in appearing “run window” type cmd and hit enter.
  • From the taskbar in windows 10 Right click on cmd and select run as administrator.
  • When the command prompt appears in both ways just type diskpart and hit enter. Now wait for diskpart utility to run in the new window.
  • Type list disk and hit enter in the new diskpart window. Which will show you, your all active disk drives of your computer.

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Very often, you will see the two disk type.

  • Disk 0 is your hard drive
  • And disk 1 your usb flash drive which you want to make a bootable usb drive

As we want to create our bootable usb drive so we will work on disk 1 which is our usb drive.

  • In the same window now just type, select disk 1 and hit enter. There will be a massage disk 1 is selected disk which means that now any further function that we will perform will affect this disk 1.
  • Now just type clean and hit enter which will delete all the data in your usb drive so there should be no important data on the usb drive because that will be gone forever.
  • Then you will get the message ‘Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk’.
  • Now type create partition primary and hit enter button. Now you will get the message Diskpart is succeeded in creating the specified partition.
  • Now just type select partition 1 and hit the enter button. That will choose the partition 1 as an active partition.
  • Now type active and hit enter which will active the partition. Now you will type format fs=ntfs quick and hit enter. It will format the usb drive with ntfs file system.
  • Now you have to type exit and hit enter which will exit the diskpart window but do not exit the cmd window.

Now before proceeding further let’s assume that our flash drive is G drive and DVD installer drive is E drive And, you also have inserted DVD in the E drive from where you wish to copy the data to make the usb drive bootable.

By default, the command prompt active directory is located on C:\windows\system32> for Administration permission. You will navigate the command prompt to set DVD E: as active directory. Keep in mind that there should be a DVD inside the DVD installer.

  • Now just type E: and hit enter button. It will change the active directory to E.
  • Now type cd boot and hit enter button. Now it will change the active directory to E:\boot >
  • Now type bootsect /nt60 g: and press the enter button. This create a boot sector in G drive which is our usb drive.
  • Now type exit and press enter button which will close the cmd.

Now you are succeeded to create a bootable usb drive in windows 10 using the command prompt and now your flash drive is ready to boot.

Now you just need to have a copy of the windows installation file in  your flash drive and install your desired OS on your machine. If there is any problem you will face while creating a bootable usb feel free to ask in the comment section, we will answer your query.

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