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Prezi is a presentation software, which uses the templates to offer the canvas to do your work. Then you can edit the Prezi as your choice for your presentation. You can easily put information like images, videos, shapes, symbols and designs at your price to make nice animated attractive and effective presentation of your work.

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Prezi presentation software offers some very great features. Prezi presentation software is joined with a crisp user interface which is easy to use and very natural. If you are already using Keynote for MAC or Powerpoint for Windows, then there will be no difficulty for you to use the Prezi presentation software.

Key Features of Prezi Presentation Software

Offline Presentation

Prezi offers you to present your presentation work with your team or business without having the internet connection. You can present your Prezi offline very easily.

Sync Prezis

You can easily access all your prizes. There is not a problem that where you have created them you can access them easily.

Import Media Instantly

Prezi presentation software offers you to import your media files easily and instantly. You can import your images, videos, and sound files from your computer and even from the internet like Flickr and Google.

But there is only a problem that there are limitations in the basic plan of the Prezi presentation  software. You can’t remove the Prezi branding from your Prezi. Your Prezis will not be private and other users can view and utilize your Prezis easily.

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The pro version of Prezi has all these features with 2GB of storage space where you can save your Prezi presentations. There are also lots of new and unique presentation templates in the pro version. The pro version of Prezi presentation software offers many other features and guides for you. The support for pro members is very good and instantly. You can create beautiful, attractive, professional and engaging presentations with Prezi software.

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