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MiniTool partition manager is a very powerful tool to manage your hard disk. MiniTool partition manager helps you to manage your computer hard drive without any data loss. MiniTool partition wizard is really very useful, easy to use and perfect partition management app for you. MiniToll Partition Manager provides you the powerful and useful functions to manage your disk and makes it more secure.

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Features of MiniTool Partition Manager Wizard

There various features of the mental partition manager software which will make your life easier. With the help of minitool partition software, many of your tasks become faster. Here are some features of minitool partition manager software.

Rebuild MBR: With this tool you can easily rebuild hard disk MBR.

Partition Recovery: Minitool also has the option to recover your partition if you have lost your data.

Move/Resize Partition: Minitool partition wizard offer you to resize and move your partition without loss of your data.

Extend Partition: With this tool you can easily extend any partition time you want.

Merge Partition: minitool partition manager also provides you the option to merge any of your partitions anytime.

Split Partition: A cool feature of minitool software is, you can easily split your hard disk partition.

Copy Partition: To copy the partition is not hard now the minitool partition manager software.

Change Cluster Size: You can also manage the cluster size with this tool.

Delete Partition: Anytime when you want to delete a partition, you can do this with this very useful tool.

Format Partition: Minitool software can format the partition in a secure way.

Create Partition: When you have deleted your partition then you can easily create a partition without booting your system.

Hide/Unhide Partition: A very cool feature of minitool partition manager, you can hide and unhide your partitions. This feature is very helpful when you want to protect your data from other people who use your system.

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Convert File System: Without any data loss you can convert the file system with this tool.

MiniTool Partition Manager is very useful and yet free to use for every user. Only you have to download this tool from the button below.


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