Done With quality content writing – now what’s next?

Hi, guys your are learning how to start a blog and money online from the internet. In this post, you will learn about what to do next after quality content writing for your blog post.

Certainly, quality content the thing which will make your blog attractive and fruitful. Writing a great article of at least 500 words in hundred times better than investing $500 in promoting your blog on the internet. This is because that visitors will not notice and even not aware of your investment for your blog. They will bounce back and never come back to your blog again. They just need the quality content. If your content is 100% unique and attractive with quality information, then your visitors will come back to your website.

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Any blogger is planning for success as a predecessor and achieving that he play a game regularly. That game is called the blogging. The primary goal of this game is quality, uniqueness, helpful and attractive content for the blog. This mission starts with this game and not have any end to this.

Now in this post, I will tell you the important things to do after so-called quality content writing.

First Things Do First

Keep in mind that there is no end of this game blogging and quality content as I mentioned above in the post. The title of the article does not mean that now you should stop writing the content. There is a piece of advice for you that what you should do after writing your content and repeat it again and again. Likewise, if you have a website of some topic related, and there is no blog page in it, this so far applies to you as well.

Ideas to Follow After Quality Content Writing

Updating The Former Posts regularly

If you will post on your blog on a regular base, then first, your blog readers will be more active on your blog and new visitors will be increased day by day. Second in your new post there may be a relation or mention about the old post, then you should update your old post about the new one also, and this is called interlinking in the posts.

Interlinking is one of the most important elements in On-Page SEO. Search engines love to see that if there is interlinking in the posts. There are some benefits of interconnection in the posts which are:

  • The increase in Pageviews of your blog.
  • Increase in Average time on the blog from the users which means an increase in bounce rate of your site.
  • Search engine friendly posts

Social Media Presence

Can you believe that there are many famous bloggers, which are used to depend on social media traffic and after search engine. It is proved that social media is an outstanding source of massive targeted traffic for every blog or website.

A quality post proves itself when it is read.

If you want that other read your posts, then you need to let them know that what is on the posts that they will read. Social websites play a great role in this activity. There are many bloggers who do nothing on social media sites except posting links to their blog posts. This thing not only chances to have a loss of like but also the followers, etc. always try to put some related and interesting content on your social site to engage more people.

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Regular Check for SEO

Maybe you think that this is useless for now, but believe me this very important. Regularly checking for SEO is not so much necessary, but if you do this, the chances of your success increase 100% because by doing this you will optimize all your posts perfectly time to time. All posts are optimized before posting articles on the blog, but there might be you need to change some text in the posts, some alternative text for the images in the post as the need of time so, that’s why regular checks of SEO are mandatory for better search engine appearance.

Here are some outstanding checks that you should regularly perform after quality content writing.

  • Make some new interlinking.
  • New outbound links: If you have found some detailed information about your post from an authority site then you need to give the link to it from your post this will also help you in ranking.
  • Building relationship: If you want to get an identity and name in the market, so other know you then you need to build the relation with other related to your niche as possible as you can.
  • Backlinks: After quality content writing get some powerful and related to your niche backlinks from other websites. There are many techniques for getting backlinks which I will tell in upcoming posts.

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If you do these things on your blog time to time, then you will see more readers on your blog. The more traffic you have more profit you can make from.

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