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Powerful headlines of your content are the first, and possibly the only impression on your reader towards your content. If there is no an attracting and powerful headline on your page, then the rest of your content is just not even exist for the reader. So, from a content marketing and copywriting perspective, writing powerful headlines for your content is a great skill.

If we take an example of it, then while driving you have seen many sign boards on the roadside with some instructions. You have likely seen that “SLOW DOWN” and  “REDUCE SPEED TOWN AHEAD” etc. even if you are driving 60 kph and see something like this and obediently follow the instruction because these are for our safety. It is hardly you miss them. That’s the exact thing in powerful headlines where you are gaining the attention of visitors to your content.

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Proven Tips For Making Powerful Headlines

It makes the readers stop and take a look. No matter that they have hundreds of other titles in their search results or twitter and Facebook timeline. If there is a powerful magnetic headline, then they will stay to look. But if you have very boring headlines on your content, then no matter that you have the quality information in your content, readers will not pay attention to it. This proved from studies that there are 80% people just read the headlines and only 20% reads the whole article.

So, the point is how you can create exactly powerful headlines for your blog article to gain the attention of your readers. Here are the 7 tips to create attractive and powerful headlines.

1. Provide solid value by using numbers and data

If you will use the numbers in your headlines, then it will become one of the best ways to gain the attention of the readers towards your content. Numbers in the headlines are the very effective to increase the click rate on your content. From the study of the conductor, it is found that readers click more on those headlines which have the numbers in it.

Powerful headlines itgeeks

Example of such headlines:

  • Reasons Why Most People Fail in Their First Driving Test

Now look that how using numbers make it more attracting

  • 13 Reasons Why 75% People Fail in Their First Driving Test

Using numbers in the headlines is a very effective approach to get more visitors on your blog.

2. Attract readers with a clear advantage

People searching for their problems and reads to get the solution for their problems. Their problem could be anything information about something, curiosity, need and entertainment etc.

But while searching when they will find some attracting headline in search engine which fulfills their needs, then, of course, they will click on that link and will try to read it. When you try to create headlines for readers, which have the benefits for the readers then you will get more clicks.  If you want a higher click through rate then try to create more clearly communicate a benefit in the headlines. It makes more powerful headline for your content. Look at the example:

  • Why do Sites Rank High on Google When They aren’t Optimized
  • How Create Professional Client Proposal in Minutes

You can see that both the headlines have clear benefit for the readers and they will click such headings and try to read the content

3. Generate Action and Emotionally Driven Headlines

Readers are the humans and humans have emotions. Your headlines which successfully target the emotions of the humans will get more attention of the readers. You can do this if you try to use some powerful words which will evoke emotions of the readers. You can use words like breathtaking, amazing, miraculous, daring, eye-opening, and unbelievable. These are some examples of powerful words which can easily spur the readers to take action.

For example,

  • The Writing Formula That’ll Make You Popular, Powerful and Credible.
  • 15 Mindblowing Scientific Discoveries That’ll Change Healthcare Forever.

4. Use Question-based words in the Headlines

If the headline of your content has words which mean a question for the readers, then they will immediately click on your headline with curiosity for the answer. The stronger your question, the more curiosity for your readers.

For example:

  • Are You Struggling To Attract Traffic To Your Blog?

Because when your headline has a question in it, then reader assume that your content will answer this question and he will visit you blog.

5. Use “HOW TO” Word to make more powerful headlines

“How To” is a very powerful word. It attracts all kinds of readers. Because in How To there is the attraction of solution for any kind of problem which can be used after the word how to. How to posts are very popular posts, which is rarely failing to grab the attention of the readers. How to headlines are very powerful headlines because it makes an impression on the mind the reader that he will miss something if he does not read this. That’s why always try to use How To in your headlines.

Some examples:

  • How to build a niche site to increase your profit.
  • How to become a professional writer with these 7 simple tricks.

Naturally how to post are longer than other posts which become a long tail keyword post. And longtail keyword posts are more worthy of attracting more visitors. This also good for SEO.

6. Create Higher Engagement and Conversational Powerful Headlines

You have seen daily on television, social media and newspapers that controversial opinions, people, topics and anything else has more attraction of the people and get more interest.

That’s exactly the controversial headlines are more powerful to attract the readers. This kind of headlines create challenge and go against the conventional wisdom and beliefs of the people.

For example:

  • Content is Not the King, It Never was and Never Will Be (And Who actually Rules)
  • Bigger the Expert, Bigger the Lier – 10 Content Myths You Should Always Believed

 7. Use Negative Words in the Headlines

As I told above about the controversial headlines, negative headlines are also very powerful headlines and attract more readers to read the content. It makes them to think about it, and they become more curious to read that content because when someone is thinking something else and there something against that thing, then they will pay attention to it.

So, these all 7 tips are very useful to attract more readers to your blog.

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