10 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Do you want to boost your blog traffic to get more readers, then you are at the right place? Here I will tell you the cool ways to boost your blog traffic. Traffic on the blog is the only way to get success. For every blogger or business, the main issue is “how to get the traffic on the website”? Many bloggers and business owners lose hope because there is no traffic on their website. To get more traffic on the website whether your blog from where you will promote your business or other’s, or just a blog where you want to share your ideas. The main thing you want visitors to your blog.

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Here are 11 ways that I am going to show you to boost your blog traffic faster. You can follow these to get more traffic to blog and you will earn more money from your blogging. Follow these tips and you will see a boost in your blog traffic.

Ways to Boost your blog traffic faster

1. Create a network

Creating  network of relation to the blogging communities is a very powerful way to get success. Join more blogging communities and other bloggers and create strong relations with them. When they will start mentioning your blog in their posts, then you will get readers to your blog. Because when their blog’s visitors will read their content and will see that there is a link in the post, they will click on and move to your blog. This is called backlinking. If your blog has some backlinks on authority sites, then the reputation of your blog will increase and your blog will rank in the search engines. This will boost your blog traffic.

2. Promote it in your email signature

The signature at the bottom of your email is the digital business card. Here you can put your contact information and can share with your contacts. When you will include your blog URL in your email signature, the people who you contact will have easy access to your blog and you will get some more traffic.

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3. Add to forum Signatures

Online forums are the places where a huge amount of people visit for information and problem solutions. The forums are very powerful platforms to promote your blog. Almost, there are forums on the internet related to any topic and you can find many forum sites to promote your blog easily. This will boost your blog traffic faster.

4. Give something valuable for free

You have seen that many websites offering free things to their readers and subscribers. This technique will get more traffic to their blogs. Because folks are looking something valuable but free and when you are providing something like that, then they will become your permanent readers and subscribers. Most of the cases they refer others to your site and your visitors increased within days.

5. Build a landing page to get more subscribers

This technique is very powerful for getting targeted traffic to your site. If you are promoting some products and want more sales then you need to make your targeted email list of users. With the use of a landing page for getting subscribers, you will get only interested people who will actually buy from you or visit your blog.

6. Engage your readers by encouraging commenting

This is another powerful technique to get more views on your blog. Engage your readers in the comment section. Comment about future posting and interesting things. Answer them properly and encourage them to read related posts and ask them for the feedback. Question your readers, what they want to know about. By this technique, you will also get new topics for your blog posts. This will boost your blog traffic.

7. Put it on your business card

Your business cards are very powerful in building relation with others. If you will put your blog’s URL on your business card, then more people will know about your blog and you will get more traffic to your blog.

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8. Submit your URL to the search engines

Search engines are the most important thing to get traffic to your blog. When someone is looking for something, then he goes to the search engines and searches for that thing in the search engine. So you should submit your blog to search engines. The most popular search engine is Google. So, always try to submit your blog in major search engines like

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Yandex

9. Set up RSS feed

RSS feed is very important and must have the thing for every blog because all the links are present in an RSS feed and when some will use your RSS feed then your all links will appear on his site. When you post your new article on your blog, your readers who utilize your RSS feed will get easy access to your site. Those who are using WordPress sites, they don’t have to worry about it because WordPress automatically creates an RSS feed of your site. But those who are not using this they have to create it.

10. Make it easy to subscribe your blog

To get more subscribers make an email subscription option on your blog sidebar. You should also use email subscription option at the bottom of your post. By this technique, you will get more subscribers and this will boost your blog traffic.

I am sure that these techniques will help you to get more visitors to your blog. Feel free ask question about anything you don’t understand in the comment section. I will be there for you to help.

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  1. Raphael Udonna said:


    I like the points you mentioned in this post. I’ve really been reluctant on creating a landing page where i can capture more subscribers, but reading through this i can see the importance.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    May 22, 2016
    • hassan said:

      Thanks for your time.

      May 24, 2016

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